Earlier I posted articles on list of free Antispyware and free antivirus, now let us see the list of free firewalls. Having a third party is always better because the default windows firewall doesn't offer much protection. Windows XP firewall is the worst because it only provides inbound security but not outbound security and that too inbound security is not strong. Microsoft has made lot of improvements to its firewall in Vista but still its not very effective, click here for more info on Vista firewall. Hence using a third party firewall will always help you.


List of free firewall software :

1. Zonealarm free

2. Comodo Pro

3. Jetico

4. Outpost free

5. Sunbelt personal (Works after 30 days in limited mode)

6. Online Armour

7. PCTools Firewall Plus

8. Webroot Desktop Firewall


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