Antivirus protection is a must for every internet user. Now-a-days the use of computer has become a must. Computers have became a part of life style from our day-to-day tasks to our means of livelihood. For every person security is most important thing. The involvement of unnecessary people (hackers) in our work will lead to miserable conditions. This led to the development of security products. These security products prevent information theft and maintains privacy. It keeps you safe.

Many security programs are not free. At the same time many people cannot afford to buy security programs. This led to two things

  • Piracy
  • Free Security

Many Security vendors who offer free antivirus provides basic protection only. One free product will certainly not going to help you. You have to use a combination of free products to make sure that you are protected. This combination includes protection against Virus (antivirus), Spyware (antispyware) and hackers (Firewall). Today let us see the first category antivirus. Here you find some popular free products and their features. Check which product meets your requirement.

Antivirus Real time protection Eliminates Virus Eliminates Spyware More information
A-Squared Partial Yes Yes Only detects when you scan. No live protection.
Avast Yes Yes Yes Full malware protection but does not give users (professionals) more freedom. For normal users this is the best.
AVG Yes Yes Yes No rootkit protection. Protects you from every type of malware.
Avira Yes Yes No No protection against spyware and adware.
Bitdefender free edition Yes Yes No No Rootkit, spyware and adware protection
Rising Antivirus free edition Yes Yes No This protects you from any type of Virus, trojans, rootkits and more, except spyware and adware.
Spyware Doctor with Antivirus starter edition Partial Yes Yes In this free version some real time protection categories are disabled. These are made available in the paid versions.
Threatfire Yes Yes (Recently added) Partial Threatfire is to be used as an extra protection cover combined with another security software. Do not use it as stand alone antivirus.


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