Spyware has been the latest and more powerful threat to computer users and many companies. Spyware is regarded as far more dangerous than Virus because of its ability to steal information. Atmost a virus can just damage the O.S of your computer. This is not a major issue to many home users because now-a-days many advanced file recovery softwares are available so that even after formatting the computer we can restore the files we need. But this not the case with spyware. A spyware is the tool used by hackers to steal precious information ( your email ID for spamming, your Credit card details for money and more...) from our computer. Spyware has been a major threat in present day world and we've to be able to know how to tackle with this spyware in case you are infected. As I always say "Prevention is better than Cure", preventing a spyware is much better than cleaning it after it attacks your computer. I already posted an article on how to prevent or save yourself from spyware with the available free tools.

The following are some good free antispyware programs :

1. Ad-Aware : Lavasoft is the only company which is giving Anti-spyware for free for a long time. Ad-Aware 2008 has some Plus and also minus. So let us see the Pros and Cons of the program

Pros :

  • Protection against spyware, adware and keyloggers.
  • Included rootkit removal system
Cons :
  • No Real-Time protection (Your PC may be vulnerable to new threats).
  • No automatic updates only manual updates and customizable scan features.
  • No auto protection.
Download : Ad-Aware

2. Spybot Search&Destroy : This is one independent organization that has been protecting people from malicious spyware for many years. Unlike the free Ad-Aware this program offers a rich protection against spyware. Let's see the important features of this software.

Pros :
  • Protection against spyware, adware, and other malware (except virus)
  • Provides Real-Time protection
  • Tracks for malicious changes in registries and processes and prevent malware.
Cons :
  • No automatic protection updates only manual updates.
Download : S&D

3. Spyware Terminator : This is the only antispyware which provides all the features of a paid antispyware for free. Let's quickly see the features of this program.

Pros :
  • Protection against Spyware and Virus (includes Clamwin Antivirus).
  • Provides automatic updates.
  • Provides Real Time protection
Cons :
  • No drawbacks for this one. It's the full featured product.
Download : Spyware Terminator

4. Windows defender : This program is only for genuine Microsoft customers. Official review about this software says that it protects you against spyware and allows blocks it before it infiltrates into your computer. But practically proved that this software doesn't protect you to the fullest. The definition updates of it is a monthly basis one which leaves unprotected to a new threat for one month. So I strongly advise you to use Windows Defender in combination with other product like Ad-Aware...

Download : Windows Defender

5. Super Antispyware : This is product is considered as one of the best spyware remover. Super Antispyware provides lot of useful features in this product. But the paid version of this software is much more powerful one and is considered as one of the best. Let's see the features of free version of Super Antispyware :

Pros :
  • Provides full protection from Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms, KeyLoggers, HiJackers and many other types of threats.
  • Provides quick and custom scanning options.
Cons :
  • No Real-Time Protection.
  • No automatic updates.
  • No auto protection.
Download : Super Antispyware

The above list is comprehensive list of free antispyware. The product features vary from one another. So choose the one which best suites your needs if you are searching a good free antispyware. Last but not the least I want mention one other tool in this article.

It is ewido online scan. Although it doesn't protect you it removes the spyware and malicious software from your PC for free. So, to try it click here.

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