Encrypting important files and folders is what everyone needs. Many don't know that Windows XP and Vista provides these features. To learn on how to encrypt files in XP, click here and to encrypt files in Vista, click here. These encryption methods are rather old and are not so flexible. Today we have many free alternatives by which we can encrypt files safely. AxCrypt is one such software and more importantly it is an open source. Today you gonna learn on how to encrypt files and folders using AxCrypt.


Encrypting files and folders using AxCrypt :

1. Download AxCrypt from here and install it.

2. Now browse for file or folder that you want to encrypt.

3. Right-Click on the file or folder and select Encrypt.

4. Now you'll be prompted to enter password, Enter the password and click OK. Now your file is encrypted.

5. Whenever someone tries to open that folder a dialog box opens asking for the password and it will be opened if the password supplied is correct. This way your files are encrypted.


AxCrypt also provides some more additional functionality like shredding and deleting files and more. So download AxCrypt now.


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