In recent times there is no industry that's making so much profits in every part like that of Gaming industry. For sure everyone wants to be benefited in this profitable industry. So many companies have invested in it and no company has profited like Nvidia and ATI. These are the two companies that are solely reigning the gaming industry for a long time. Though everyone say Nvidia is the best but in recent times Nvidia is feeling the heat of ATI. We can see Nvidia has decreased the prices of many gaming cards from their debut prices due to the less prices of ATI cards. Wherever we go whether it's PC gaming, Console gaming or mobile gaming the two "Badshahs" (-Emperor) are waging war whose results are fruitful to normal people. Let's see who is superior than others based on various reviews by many tech forums.
Compare for the graphic card that suits your requirements here reviewed greatly by tomshardware
Enjoy the Gaming.

2.Intel vs AMD

Without Graphic card :

Now-a-days the motherboards are equally competing with graphic cards in terms of price and many know that a computer can survive without a graphic card but not without a motherboard. So a middle class person will tend more towards the best motherboard and satisfy himself without graphic card. So if you find yourself in this position then here is the solution.
The major competition between motherboards is between AMD and Intel. So who is the best? and who is Superior than others? here we take the legit review made by the Cnet
. Here the winner is AMD as it has better ability to perform with games and play games smoothly.
Winner : AMD

With Graphic card :

Have an average performing motherboard and a good graphic card but unable to play games smoothly. Then don't go for a better graphic card rather than go for a better motherboard. Since the games do not solely depend on graphic cards they also depend on motherboard performance. So you have to know that the problem is not with your costly graphic card but with your choppy motherboard. If you have a bad motherboard and have a 1GB graphic card it is equivalent to a good motherboard and a 256 MB graphic card.
As said earlier the competition is between AMD and Intel and when the performance of motherboard is considered with addition of a graphic card then Intel bashes out the AMD in every game that are used to test the motherboard. This is amazing performance has made the Intel the No.1 in the motherboard manufacturers and also AMD has some compatibility problems before (though they rectified it) and still giving a tough fight to Intel. Hence our winner here is Intel as tested here by Hardocp.

Winner : Intel

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