Apple iTunes player gives users a huge list of Radio stations according to genres. These iTunes Radio station streams are of bitrate ranging from 24 kbps to even 320 kbps. So these Radio stations stream high quality songs than compared to Yahoo Launchcast (click here for tutorial to save Yahoo Radio).

To save these streams we are going to use wmrecorder and RealPlayer 11.
Download and install wmrecorder and RealPlayer 11 (both are free). For more information on how to install wmrecorder click here.
After installing wmrecorder correctly, open wmrecorder and make sure ADA mode is selected.
For more information see this image.

Now let us see how to save these high quality streams to computer.
Step1 : Open iTunes player and select Radio tab.
Step2 : Now select the genre you love and double click on Radio station to play.
Step3 : When iTunes starts playing the song, wmrecorder will catch the stream URL and starts downloading. Now click stop record and exit record in WMRecorder.
Step4 : Now copy the URL given by WMrecorder. See here for more info.
Step5 : Open Internet Explorer and paste the stream URL and hit enter. This will open a site like this.
Step6 : Click Listen on top tab, this will start pls file to download to your computer.
Step7 : Now open the pls file RealPlayer and record the stream to your computer. To record just click record button in RealPlayer.

This will save iTunes Radio mp3 streams to your computer. Now you can listen your favourite songs anywhere & anytime for free.

Notes : If the URL given by WMRecorder is a stream (URL ending with mp3, aac...) then copy link and paste in your download manager to save stream to your computer.

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