Pandora Radio station is free online Radio service which plays song that you love. Due to restrictions from RIAA it is forced to play other songs which are similar to your song. This is also good for music listeners as it makes us to listen new songs and new genres.

Pandora Radio is only available to United States listeners only. But everyone around the globe can listen to it by using proxies. Already I posted tutorial on how to use proxies (click here). So by using USA proxy we are gonna download these streams to our computer and listen to them when ever we want.

To download Pandora streams we are using Orbit. Let's start this tutorial.

Make sure you are using proxy.

Step1 : Signin to Pandora. If you don't have account then signup.
Step2 : Now type in the favourite song or artist in the search box and hit enter.
Step3 : Right click on the empty area of the pandora page and select "Grab Video by Orbit".

Step4 : Click create station, now a pop-up player will open and plays the song and similar songs.
Step5 : When the song starts playing open the Orbit Grab++ to find the URL of that song. There you can find entry with name "Access" which is a mov file.
Step6 : Now select it and start download.

Actually the song you just downloaded is Nero AAC encoded song. So just rename file extension .mov with .mp4. You can play it with almost any player which supports mp4 format. Have fun.

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