What are proxies?
Mainly proxies are of 3 types :

  • Transparent
  • High Anonymous
  • Anonymous
How to use Proxies?
  1. Go to this website samair.
  2. Click checked time, so that you use recently updated proxy servers.
  3. The proxy looks like this
  4. See which countries does that website (you want to access) allow to access that content, After knowing which country is allowed, see for IP addresses of those countries in the list and select those proxies whose Anonymity levels are anonymous and high-anonymous. I suggest not use those IP addresses whose ending will start with 31**, that is 3125, 3126, 3127... Because some websites don't allow using those proxies even they belong to that country.
  5. So now that you have selected the IP address (you are half-way done!), You have to insert that IP address into your browser (to complete this process).
  6. OK the IP address you've selected will be like this There are two parts in it, the first part before colon is the IP address and the second part after the colon is the port. Keep this aside for some time,
For Internet Explorer users :
  • Open Internet Explorer select Tools>Internet Options,
  • select connections tab, Under this select LAN settings
  • do changes as they are in this below image.
  • Don't check Bypass Proxy server for Local addresses. That's it you've done now access that restricted website, now you will be allowed.
For Firefox Users :
  • Open the browser
  • Select Tools>Options.
  • Select Advanced tab
  • Now select Network tab and then select settings under network tab.
  • Now select Manual configuration and insert the first part in first box and second part in second box. See below image for more assistance.
  • Check use this proxy for all protocols, Now access the restricted website and you will be allowed.
P.S : Dial-up and ADSL users cannot use proxies on IE and can use other browsers like Opera & Firefox.

How are Proxies useful for me?
Proxies are very useful when you to have something which is restricted to some countries only.
For example in this kaspersky post when you go to register for license it says sorry it's only for Malaysians. But by using Malaysian proxies you can get that Kaspersky free. Like this you can watch videos, songs, offers which are available to only one country.

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