“Download manager for sites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload, etc.”

I just saw an interesting one at Yahoo! Answers which says "there is some program which is called universal down loader.its supposed to automatically put rapid share links so after one file finishes downloading another one file will start downloading automatically".

It's been real pain when downloading from file sharing sites except some to wait for some time, enter captcha correctly, and also you are not allowed to download files simultaneously and you have to wait for some time even to start a new download after completing a download. This is the way the file sharing sites frustrates their users and tend them to buy a premium account.

So this download manager makes everything that is told above except entering captcha. The only thing you are going to do is provide the download manager with a correct link. It automatically downloads files one after the other. It is configured to work with more than a hundred free hosting services, including the most popular ones like RapidShare, MegaUpload or YouSendIt. It can also be integrated into Firefox (with the FlashGot extension) and Internet Explorer, plus monitor the Windows Clipboard for copied download links.

Some other interesting features are compatibility with proxy servers, the ability to schedule tasks, support for remote control and automatic program updates. So give a try...

Download : Universal download manager

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