So Google has made its intentions very clear that their new Chrome (Name of Google's Browser) is going to decrease the share of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Everyone knows about the dispute between Google and Microsoft and recently they have exchanged words when Microsoft bid for Yahoo Search Engine. So let's get into the core of the topic.

The new Google Chrome has made a huge impact on the field of internet browsing with some outstanding results that it gave at some tests made by Cnet. So to see those test in details click here.
Here is brief look at the tests conducted by Cnet.

  • Google's Chrome trounces Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on speed tests for JavaScript
  • Google's Chrome browser is outperforming the latest "stable" builds of both and Internet Explorer 7 in the popular Acid3 test.
Moreover the new Google's Chrome is not going to be a proprietary browser but it's going to be an open source like Firefox. Already Google made clear to their rivals that there is tough competition ahead by making available Google Docs which makes spreadsheets, presentations and documents at a low fare and some are free which can be accessed from any web browser. So let's wait and see for the official release of Chrome and how well it perform...

Update : Google Chrome Beta is now available for download. You can download it from Google Homepage.

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