To convert your video to 3GP or mp4 format & for a smooth playback on mobiles, I prefer you to convert it with quicktime player only, don't use super converter to convert into 3GP or mp4.
Let us start this tutorial.

step1 : Find the format of the source video.
If the video format is mov, qt, mpg, mp4, avi (make sure its not encoded with divx, xvid...) then skip to step3.
If the video format is other than the above mentioned i.e. flv,divx,rm... then follow step2.

step2 : Now you have to convert your video to the format understandable by the qtplayer(short form for quicktime player).Now we are using the Super converter to convert your video into qtplayer understandable format.If you don't have Super converter and quicktime player check down for their download links.
qtplayer understandable formats are, as mentioned above mov, qt, mpg, mp4, avi.
So now convert your video into mov format using Super.If you are beginner then these step are for you.
(i) Open super converter, amd drag and drop the source video into super converter.
(ii) Now in output container drop-down box select mov.
(iii) In video scale size box select no change and bitrate anywhere between 500-1000 kbps. In audio select sampling frequency 44100 and bitrate 96 kbps.
(iv) Right click on any blank area of super converter and select output file saving management. Select the folder you use most or any folder you wish, so that the videos will be saved in that folder that you remember.
(v) Now click encode button and the source video will be converted to mov format.
If you've done upto this half of the part is successfully completed.

step3 :
(i) Now go the folder where you saved the video and play video in qtplayer.
(ii) Now use ctrl+ E from keyboard or alternatively you can goto file menu and select Export.
(iii) A new window will be opened there. In the drop-down menu of Export select movie to 3G. Now click on Options button in the side. Check that the file format is 3GPP or 3GPP2 as per your mobile configuration. See that video is selected in next drop-down menu & video format H.263 & leave the rest of options as they are.
(iv) Now click OK, so the settings made will be saved and in the next window select Save and the video will be saved to 3GP format.

You can use any format in step2 not only the mov but see that it should be played in qtplayer. You may get errors when converting with Super. Then you select other format like mpg etc.

Download: Super

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