Everyone love music & want to have them on the go, on car... but you have to buy music for that. This is where the people back off & try the other ways for having music like limewire, torrents, rapidshare etc and everyone know that these steps are illegal and at sometime or the other they change and try to find a legal way for acquiring music.There are many websites that offer free music but they are of individual artists(most of the websites) and not the popular artists like Michael Jackson... There are some websites where you can listen to music free and some other websites offer music downloads free and legally. Here you go with latest trend of music destinations.

1.Listen free : Napster

Napster offers free music service only in the United States. So to listen to them you can use American proxies.


Rhapsody also offers free music service only in United States. So to listen to them you can use American proxies.

There are numerous others on internet who offer listening to free songs. So just google them.

2.Download free : SpiralfrogSpiralFrog-745725

This service offers free music downloads and they apply DRM to the songs you download. These songs will expire every 30 days, so you have to renew the service for every 30 days. The renewal process is also free.

To download songs you have to register to it. During registration you can use proxies (U.S.A) I think. So just try registering without proxies. If this process doesn't allow you to download then try proxies. After registration you have to install their download manager and you can download music for free. You dont need to use proxies everytime.Proxies are required only at the time of registration.


This free service is the new service which is intended to give benefits to the entire world. So at present only some countries are added and this service is coming to more countries soon. They offer DRM music free. You can find every popular song there. So start downloading today.

Drawbacks : All the songs that you download from above services are legal and are DRM applied songs. You can listen only on PC. You cannot transfer these to mp3players, ipod etc and you cannot burn these songs to CD or DVD.

Still there is a solution with me. With this solution you can burn, sync to ipods and unlimited access to your songs. If you want to know more about this leave a comment below, then only I can tell you how to remove DRM from the songs.

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