Do you wanna share something with others? Do you think that you have something valuable, which when shared can influence others or benefit others? Then the powerful way to send your thoughts to public is through a blog or a website. I say it is a powerful media because it has no geographic limits. You can send you notions around the globe. If you are interested in creating a website then this will be a good news for you. I wanna guide you on how to start a website with free tools and how to earn money through it. Let us start this lesson right from the scratch. Don't worry even if you don't know anything. I'll teach you in a simple manner so that even a novice can understand it easily. 


We see that there are 3 basic things one has to know before starting a website. They are :

1. A domain name - Domain is something which is similar to the address of a house. We know that every house in this world has to have a unique address. Similarly, every website has to have a unique domain name in the world of internet.

E.g : www.microsoft.com, www.pcaddons.blogspot.com, www.download.com etc etc.

Domain names such as .com, .net, .org can be bought at domain registration sites such as GoDaddy etc for less than $20 per year. If you need a domain for free then you get them at co.cc and co.nr. These services are my recommendations only. You are free to get a domain wherever you want.


2. Web hosting - Secondly one should have some web space allotted to his site. Web hosting is nothing but some space like 250 mb, 1 GB etc to store the contents, photos, videos that you post on your website. Also you have to allocate some bandwidth to make visitors come to your site without any problem. Today we have web hosting companies offering both disk space & also bandwidth for your site at reasonable prices. Some web hosting companies are also offering their basic hosting services for free. Here are my recommended Web hosting services

a. Paid Hosting services :

b. Free Webhosting :

  • 000Webhost : Free hosting with 1500mb diskspace and 100GB traffic.
  • Freehostia : Free hosting with 250mb disk space and 6GB monthly traffic.


3. Website maintenance - We can use free content management services (cms) like Wordpress, Mambo, Joomla and Drupal to create and edit articles on our website. In this tutorial of creating website,I mainly focus on creating websites with Joomla and Wordpress.


To start your website go and buy a domain or get free domain name (See above). Also signup with a webhosting company (See above). Tomorrow we'll see how to start creating website. Till then Good Bye!


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