Earlier I posted articles on how to get PCtools Internet Security 2009 one year free here and Kaspersky Internet Security 90 days free here. Still the promotion of these security products is going on with some major updates made to it. Let me discuss about those changes made and how to overcome them in order to get free genuine license keys.

1. PCTools Internet Security one year free :

Before knowing the changes made to those promotion I advise you to see the article once again, click here to go to PCtools Internet Security promotion page. There we used UK proxy site because this promo is only for UK users.

  • Now this promotion is extended world-wide. Now anyone can participate in this promotion and get PCtools Internet Security 2009 free for one year.

This is the first change made to this promotion and the other change is the promo code.

  • In order to get PCTools Internet Security free you have to use this new code LE8ATR and the procedure to get this software is same as the older post. So follow the procedure from here and make necessary changes to it as instructed above and get your PCTools Internet Security 2009 free for one full year.


2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 free for 90 days :

Click here to go to the earlier post. The only change made to this promotion is the captcha part. In the earlier post we have to enter captcha shown there. But now they changed this part, you'll be shown 10 polish letters and from those letters they ask you any 3 letters to enter. This captcha part is similar to that of KAV 2009 180 promo procedure. I wrote an article here  which extensively deals with how to enter the captcha correctly.


In this promotion everything remains same except the captcha part. So click here to learn how to enter the captcha part correctly. This is the only change made to this promotion.


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