"Sorry! We're unable to complete your product registration at this time" - AOL.

There has been a lot of buzz when AOL stopped its Active shield and started providing Mcafee Security for free. Every forum and tech sites discussed a lot about this. But giving a $39.99 product free for everyone involves a lot of money, So what AOL thought is giving Mcafee Security to a member once a year.

Let's suppose a person downloads Mcafee VirusScan Plus from AOL by signing into his account. After a month he wants to try another security product, so he installs this AOL Mcafee and installs another product. Again after few days he wants to go back to Mcafee, So he goes to AOL security central and select a package. In the next page AOL wants you to sign-in. He enters his username and password then to his surprise AOL says the above BOLD letters, "Sorry! We're unable to complete your product registration at this time". It says "Sorry!.... at this time". So he tries the next day and again the same reply from AOL.

Actually AOL has to mention that it only allows its members to download Mcafee once a year. But AOL doesn't mention this but it says registration failed this time. The user may think that there is a problem this time and he'll try later. This actually misleads the members and AOL loses its reputation. May be this is the way AOL reduces it's expenditure or what so ever. So let's see how to fix this problem.

The only way to fix this is to create another AOL account and use that account to download Mcafee Security software. So every time you have to create a new AOL account to download Mcafee VirusScan Plus or Mcafee Internet Security successfully.

If you find this irritating then you can check this article by which you Mcafee VirusScan Plus free for one year. It's very simple and easy way to get genuine Mcafee VirusScan Plus free for one year.

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