Update : This page is deactivated by Mcafee, so once again VirusScan plus is no more one year free.

Mcafee Virus scan Plus One year free - This is not from AOL, or this thing is not the expired NATWEST trick. This is the latest Mcafee promotion which gives away Mcafee VirusScan Plus free one year to the employees of Department of Defence (Donno which country..). Mcafee costs you $39.99 but by this method you get is free for one full year. Let's quickly see the features of Mcafee Virus scan plus.

  • Antivirus - Protection against Viruses, trojans, dialers..
  • Antispyware - Protection against spyware, adware.
  • Firewall - Protection against Hackers and prevents unauthorised access to your computer.
So let's start now to get Mcafee one year free.
1. Click here to go to Mcafee free VirusScan Plus. The page looks like below.

2. Check the box that says "I certify that I am a current employee of the Department of Defense" and select a department from drop-down list.

3. Now you can see that "Sign-up" and "Download free" buttons activated. Click on "Sign-up Now" button.
4. In the next page create a Mcafee account (it's free). If you already have a Mcafee account then login to your account.

5. From your account you can download Mcafee VirusScan Plus one year free subscription.

Definitely this is going to be limited time offer. Now Mcafee is directly accessible, later they may increase their security and only authorised staff will only accessible. So before this happens get your Mcafee free.

Update : This page is deactivated by Mcafee, so once again VirusScan plus is no more one year free.

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