With the release of iPhone, Apple has made new rivals to it. Till now Apple's main rival has been Microsoft and now with the release of its new iPhone, Apple has made another BIG rival and it is the mobile developer leader NOKIA.

Recently Nokia has released their first media player "Nokia Music" for windows only. Everyone knows how popular is the iTunes from Apple. iTunes is major success not only on Mac but also on windows due to its stylish look and easy to use nature. But iTunes on windows has been a burden for many of users due its inability to play wma files. wma files are very common files on windows and some major Music stores sell their songs in this format only. Using iTunes and converting their wma files into AAC has been major trouble for people who have large music database. Nokia has overcame this problem with their new Music player known as "Nokia Music". The only difference between iTunes and Nokia Music is the playback of wma files.

This Nokia Music offers all features that many players offer like playback, ripping and syncing songs to portable players (Mainly Nokia phones). So people who like iTunes may give it a try and see which is better and if possible comment on which is better iTunes or Nokia Music?

You can download Nokia Music Player from here. (WIndows XP & Vista Only)

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