Till now many sites discussed about music management, and they give you tips on how to organize a large music database in a user friendly manner. But does anyone thought of photo management?. Photo management is lot more important than music management, because photos bring you past sweet memories back to life.

A normal user photo database will be like this. There will be a folder named "photos" and under it there will be some sub folders in it and each sub folder having a large collection of photos. To find a particular photo he has search his total entire photos under a single sub folder. So photo management is also necessary and Serif MediaPlus offers wonderful features related to photos.

With Serif MediaPlus you can organize photos by placing your photos under virtual photos and also you can tag then and edit them and also share them. Serif MediaPlus is a must have software for a photo lover. To get this Serif MediaPlus for free click here. From there you can download full version worth $79.99 for free.

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