Mozilla Firefox is the second most used browser next to Internet Explorer. Firefox has many advantages over  IE and the main advantage is the way it surfs the internet. It has many security features that IE lacks and most important are the free addons that are developed by Mozilla Community. Though IE also has this type of addons, many of them are not  free. This is where Firefox beats IE. Firefox offers good safety while you surf without compromising the speed at which page loads and the system memory. So its time for IE users to shift to Firefox (my personal recommendation).

To download firefox, click here.


Now let us add more security to the secure browser. These are the must have addons for firefox.

1. Adblock Plus : (Bandwidth saver)

Are worried about those flashing ads and images that you hate to see? then this addon is for you. This addon blocks the flash ads and images that are not appropriate. These unnecessary Flash, images, audio Ads eats away your bandwidth everytime they load. If you are on a limited bandwidth connection then this addon will help you a lot. To  get this addon, click here.


2. NoScript :

Almost every site uses Active-X and Javascripts. Scripts are used for good and also for bad. Many spyware spread through these scripts. This addon lets you allow the scripts from the sites you trust and protects you from harmful sites.To  get this addon, click here.


3. Flashblock :  (Bandwidth saver)

This addon blocks every flash animation when it comes in your way. In Adblock plus, you have block those images and animations manually but Flashblock blocks them automatically. To  get this addon, click here.


4. WOT :

This addon is similar to Mcafee's SiteAdvisor and AVG's Linkscanner. This addon is optional if you are using a similar addon. To  get this addon, click here.


5. Stealther :

When you surf internet many sites loads cookies and tracks you invisibly. This addon disables the Browsing history and cookies and more. thus without leaving a trace on you computer. To  get this addon, click here


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