Today's malware is a big challenge for security products in removing them. Even the most recent versions fail at removing some rogue virus, trojans, spyware etc. If an antivirus fails at removing them we have to take that task of removing that virus manually. So let's see how to remove a rogue malware which is not removed by antivirus.

Scan your computer with your updated antivirus.It detects some malware and gives you option of cleaning, quarantining and deleting.When click on remove threats then antivirus first tries to clean that file, if it fails then it tries to quarantine that file if this also fails it tries to delete that file. At this point the robustness of antivirus comes out. Even then the antivirus couldn't remove the file then the best antivirus gives you option to delete that file on reboot and the worst antivirus leaves that file as it is and says virus cannot be removed. Actually the antivirus cannot remove the threats because the virus or spyware that is detected is running as process on your computer. Many big virus will run automatically as a process at the start of the computer. If this is the case then follow these instructions to manually remove detected virus.

1. Almost every antivirus program gives you some useful information when a threat is detected, that is it gives the path of infected file. If you cannot find the path of infected file then click the details button of the infected file and there you can find the path of the infected file.
2. Now copy and paste the paths all infected and cannot be removed files to a text file and name it as "infected" or what ever you wish.
3. Now restart your computer and select safe mode. If you have trouble in logging into safe mode then see here to fix safe mode problems.
4. Now open the "infected" text file that we've saved earlier.
5. Now copy and paste it in windows explorer and hit enter.

6. Delete the infected files and they will be deleted without any problem.

In this way you can remove almost any type of rogue antivirus or spyware which are not removed by antivirus,

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