This week's featured freeware is BootSafe, a small but essential software for Windows users.

Do you have any problems booting into safe mode? Is your PC restarting momentarily during safe mode boot? Does your PC hang when booting into safe mode?...

Then BootSafe is the solution for all your booting problems. BootSafe will repair all your Safe Mode booting problems whether it can be minimal, networking or repairing Safe Mode.

BootSafe not only repairs your safe mode boot sector but also makes Safe mode easily accessible. Normally to boot into safe mode you have to restart your system, press F8, Select Safe mode among the options. So, windows requires you to do all this job in order to boot into safe mode. But with BootSafe you can access Safe Mode with a Single-click. BootSafe offers you options Safe Mode with networking, minimal and repair. So, to boot into safe mode you have to select an option and click reboot. That's it, no need of pressing F8 blah blah blah.... In this way BootSafe makes accessing Safe Mode very easy.

I recommend BootSafe for every windows user because, it not only makes booting simple and easier but it helps you prevent viruses and spyware. You may wonder how it helps you cure viruses. Yes, it definitely helps, because many Virus and Spyware will disable some system files by which you cannot boot into safe mode thus making your PC vulnerable to more threats. For example, If you are unable to remove viruses in normal mode then to remove them you must boot into safe mode. Only booting into safe mode can remove your threats. So, make sure your safe mode boot is working. If it's not repair now with BootSafe.

Download : BootSafe

BootSafe works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP (SP2, SP3).

Notes : Sometimes using BootSafe to boot into safe mode will make your login window disappear (if you are using password to your system). Then just type the password and hit enter. If this also doesn't work then press TAB, type in password and hit enter.

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