Rating web hosting providers is one of the tough jobs on internet because day-by-day new web hosting domains are emerging and many are giving very attractive special offers. Once when I was searching for a domain I came across a site which says, Buy domain for one year and get another year free. Such web hosting domains do not succeed much. Because the quality of facilities they provide are not so good. I don't say that all domains which give special offers are worst but some web hosting people will give such offers without providing good facilities. So one has to search a lot and has to have a lot information with them before buying a website.

This is a tough job for a person to do. But all this hard work has already been done for all of us by web hosting. As the name says, "Webhostingrating" is a site which review the service of various web hosting domains and pick the best. There are many web hosting services today and Webhostingrating is always updated with new domains which are better than many services.

Webhostingrating gives a lot of information on each and every provider. Every year Webhostingrating give the top 6 web hosting services special awards. You can find many articles about web hosting domain services here, even if a provider who is not good overall and is best at one category then that information will be provided under articles.

One can compare web hosting providers based on many things, it can be money, service, space or traffic or any other, but you can find all this information at one place that is web hosting. So don't forget to check this site before going for a new domain, whether it is free or paid.


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