We have free antivirus with us and why do we want Online Virus removal tools?
The only answer I can give to faster internet connection users - If your Antivirus fails to remove a threat and you don't want to uninstall antivirus (which fails at removing threats since you trust it most). But these Online Virus scanners can be of a great a help for dial-up users. Since their internet speed is slow it takes hours to download an antivirus program and another hour to update that antivirus. These scanners are fast and the main advantage here is no need to wait for hours to download and update product, just install virus definitions and you are ready to remove threats. Many Online virus scanners just detect threats but don't remove them. But some will offer virus removing also and some popular online scanner and removal services are here.

1. TrendMicro Housecall :

First and foremost service I want to mention in this article is Housecall. Any infected items which are detected on your PC will cleaned.
Let's see the features of this free service :
• Virus removal
• Spyware removal
• Removes almost every type of malware

2. Bitdefender Online Scanner :

Bitdefender started this service just by offering Virus removal tools only. Prior to the latest version of virus scanner, Bitdefender didn't provide spyware cleaning tool. But the latest version provides cleaning of virus and spyware threats.

The only disadvantage with these online scanners is No Real time protection. Yes, they do not provide round the clock protection to you. This is major draw back. So I suggest you to use a antivirus. If you don't want to use a full featured antivirus, you can use a simple one like Threatfire. So don't alone rely on Online scanners, have a real time protection tool combined with online scanners.

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