From today I am starting a new category "Featured Freeware". By this category I want to actually get into the theme of my blog "Free Software". The freewares that are going to be listed here are the one's you've never heard but makes your works and everyday things more smooth.

So let me start this category with a software for good cause. Today's featured freeware is Edison.

This software is for those who want to cut their electricity bills and also for those who worry about our environment. Edison will direct your PC on how to utilize the current. This application has Night mode, Day mode and more. Edison will reduce the use of current to maximize the benefits. This is a brief information on this Edison. For more information see here.

Edison is free and to use it you have to register which is also free. So for those who are worrying about your current bills (like me) this is going to be a best thing you want to use and cut your bills. As I said this is also going to help the environment by making your PC eco-friendly.

So start now and rise for good cause. Make your PC green.

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