In today's world a home without a PC is rarely seen. Also a PC without any problem is also a rare case. Every PC owner have had problems like virus, spyware, slow system startup etc etc.. So to have trouble free PC many companies have tried and I can say they are successful at their work. Most of the companies will sell their software to users at certain price or even at a special discount offer. But many PC users think that there is no need to buy we can get them at some torrent site, so why buy? This kind of thinking is making them prone to more troubles not only with computer but also at society. It's illegal to steal somebody's software even a child knows that. OK let's not deviate this topic, let's go back to the original topic. So what are the most common problems that a PC user have.

  1. Internet Security
  2. PC maintenance (slow startup, non responsiveness...)

So the above problems are major ones and there are also many minor problems other than these. So let's find solution to these problems.

Internet Security : Let's consider the best Internet security suite Kaspersky. It will take care of most of the security vulnerabilities.

PC maintenance : This category can be subdivided into many categories. But let us consider two main things. Registry errors and junk file cleaner. Here my choice would be Registry mechanic and Privacy guardian.

Now let's calculate how much it costs to have a trouble free PC.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security (upto 3 PC) - $79.95 or Rs.3500 ( may vary if there are special offers), So let's us assume that there's a special offer and you can get it at $59.9
  • Registry mechanic - $24.5 or Rs.1100
  • Privacy Guardian - $24.5 or Rs.1100

These are basic needs and it takes around $128.95 per annum.

But today we have a service from a Indian company Yuvayantra (A Tata Product) offers these products at unbelievable price. Let's see it

  • Kaspersky Internet Security (upto 3 PC) - $22.4 or Rs.999
  • Registry Mechanic - $11.2 or Rs.500
  • Privacy Guardian - $11.2 or Rs.500

So you are getting the same products at a cost of $44.8 per annum, So you save around $84.15!!!. With this amount you can happily subscribe 6 months with Napster Unlimited service. Now you have a trouble free PC and also an entertainment machine for the same cost for which you are getting only trouble free PC if you buy them at official stores.

But this yuvayantra service is only for Indian customers. So if you too want to have this service then you can follow this guide to proxies and have this offer. Using an Indian proxy you can subscribe to this wonderful service.

Here are some more special offers that are offered at yuvayantra

  • Spyware Doctor ($24.5) for only $11.5
  • Onspeed Web accelerator ($47) for only $2
  • Kaspersky Antivirus ($59.95) for FREE!!!

So subscribe now and cash this wonderful opportunity.

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