Kerchoonz is a new social networking where one can make new friends and keep in touch with old friends. Such type of social networking sites are common. So you can ask me what's the difference between Kerchoonz and other social networking sites. Kerchoonz is a complete social networking sites.



At Kerchoonz one can

  • Listen and download music, also watch music videos.
  • Play games
  • Listen radio
  • Create groups, chat with friends and more.

What I like in Kerchoonz is they also offer free downloads. You can download your favorite music or a music video to your computer without paying and at the same time paying the artists for their efforts, it's legal. This is a tough one to handle. Allowing users to download music for free and at the same time paying the amount to artists is a difficult one. But Kerchoonz does it right in a legal way. Kerchoonz is also a good platform for new upcoming bands and individual artists. Another great feature I like in Kerchoonz is you'll be paid. When a band or artist you referred sign up with Kerchoonz then you'll be paid $5 for referring them. So it's a win-win situation at Kerchoonz. So sign up at Kerchoonz today and experience a whole new type of social network.



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