Disk fragmentation is one of the main reason for slow PC's. Disk fragmentation leads to slow system boot-up times and system crashes. Fragmentation of files over your hard disk leads to slow application access speeds, shutdown times and even some applications won't work properly. Disk Defragmentation is one of the essential things that everyone should do every 2 weeks or so to keep your system healthy. Disk Defragmentation can make your computer perform at its best.


The Disk Defragmenter that Microsoft gives is a basic one. It lacks several essential features. We cannot schedule Disk Defragmentation, the defragmentation speeds is also very slow. We cannot defragment two or disks at a time. Only one Disk can defragmented at a time with the in-built Disk Defragmenter. Don't worry, there are few free Disk Defragmenters which have all these essential features and some are even better than the paid Disk Defragmenters. Here are some of them :

1. Austologics Disk Defrag

2. Iobit Smart Defrag

3. JKDefrag

4. Piriform Defraggler

The above are some of the best free Disk Defragmenters out there and let us see about the features of these individual Defragmenters in the coming days. All these are better than the in-built Disk Defragmenter. So download any one of it and keep your system healthy.


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