Application Blocker Pro is a parental control software. It is more advanced than many other parental controls. Normal parental control software has only website blocking feature. But Application Blocker is much more than normal parental control software. The features of Application Blocker Pro are as follows :

  • Program blocking
  • Website blocking
  • Games blocking
  • Chat blocking
  • System blocking and more.

With Application Blocker you can monitor the Internet activity and application usage of your children. With Application Blocker installed on your system you can leave your children on computer without having any tensions. Application Blocker will protect your children from every type of threats online.


Application Blocker Pro costs $29.95. But Ampulsenet the creators of Application Blocker are running promotion by which you gonna get Application blocker for free. To get Application Blocker Pro free you have to send feedback about Application Blocker to sales@amplusnet.com. Just send a feedback and get your license key for free. This promotion is valid up to 15th Dec. You can find more info about this here. I got license key with in one day.


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