Recently we've seen an article on how to get NOD32 antivirus free for 3 months here. And once Raymond has found a way to get eset NOD32 free for 4 months.The process is a little complicated one. But still it is a manageable one. So give it a try. I just simplified the hardest part of the article given by Raymond.

1. Click here to go Chinese proxy page. There enter the following URL http://tq.360.cn/trail-c.html and hit GO.
2. In the next page enter the captcha code and click the button below.
3. Now you'll get a 24 digit NOD32 activation code, note down the activation code.

Now you've completed only part of it. To continue the article, click here to go to Raymond and follow the remaining article from step 3 to continue the procedure. I didn't gave the whole procedure because Raymond did great job than I can do. So you can simply follow the article and images there which will lead you in getting NOD32 antivirus free for 4 months. If you have any trouble in getting NOD32 Username and password don't hesitate to leave your query in comment section. I'll try to solve it.

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