Browser Hijacking has been a major threat in the present times. So though we are not yet affected by browser hijacking, we have to know the prevention of it to assure ourselves that we are on safe side. Before preventing a browser Hijack the following are signs for which you have to see whether your browser is hijacked or not.

1.First time you open and surf and then close the browser. The second time without your concern the browser automatically opens, even you try to close, multiple browser windows will be opened automatically.
2.Your Home Page is changed without your permission.
3.A pop-up says to install this software like "Antivirus 2009"...
4.Only some sites open and many don't, mainly security sites like symantec, Mcafee and more.
5.Too many Ads on your browser especially pop-ups.
6.New browser addons (toolbar) and icons installed on your browser without your concern.
7.Slow and sluggish system.

If you find more than two of above signs on your PC then take it from me, your browser is Hijacked. Since browser is the only door to the world of internet we've to make it strong and more secure that no one access your system and disturbs your privacy. Now-a-days online banking has been very popular it is must to secure our browser because with browser hijacking there is certain amount of risk involved in stealing your information. So if you find the above signs on your PC then start now to reduce the impact of browser hijacking.

Removing malicious software and removing browser hijack tools :
First and foremost thing you've to do is uninstall the browser addons by logging into safe mode. If you have any trouble logging into safe mode click here to see instructions on how to access safe mode.

  • Internet Explorer users : From Menu bar, Tools> Manage Addons> Enable or Disable addons.
Other than Internet Explorer, other browsers show strong resistance against browser hijacking. Browsers like Firefox, Opera and other it's tough to hijack them. So I suggest every Internet Explorer user to change your browser to Firefox or Opera.

Secondly, download and run TrendMicro HijackThis. After installing HijackThis, run it and select scan and save log file. After it completes scan it will save the log file in the same HijackThis folder.

Now click here to go to HijackThis log analysis site. Click Browse at the bottom of page and select the log file of HijackThis and upload it. Now you can see which items are infected and which are safe. Keep your analysis window open and do HijackThis scan and check the infected items and remove them.

Also scan the whole computer and mainly WINDOWS and Program files folders with updated antivirus by logging into safe mode. In this way you can remove the browser hijacking objects.

Preventing future browser attacks :
1. Download and install Spyware Blaster, click here to download. This adds thousands of malicious sites list to the restricted sites list of Internet Explorer and Firefox and also provides more protection to your browser.
2. Download and install K9webProtection and prevent unsafe websites. Actually this is a parental control software but this will be very helpful to you in blocking malware sites.

These two softwares are free and these two provide additional security to your computer apart from your routine antivirus and firewall.

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