ANTIVIRUS... has became a must for any Computer user. Whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux or the other in fact every operating system has some flaws in it. Windows has more number of vulnerabilities and Linux has less, but every O.S has its own type of security problems. So an antivirus has became a must for everyone.

This is going to be time consuming article for readers, So at the beginning of this article I am telling you what we are not going to discuss.

  • Finding best antivirus application.
  • Comparison among present antivirus applications....

So if you are not concerned with above topics then please go on with this article. This article will guide you in choosing best antivirus.

The Best Antivirus has the following qualities :

1. Higher virus and spyware detection rate.

2. Lighter on system resources.

3. Very few false positives.

4. Compatible with Safe Mode.

5. Strong real time Protection.

The above are the characteristics of the best antivirus. Let's see these in detail.

1. Higher Detection Rate :

Everyone expect a 100% detection rate from an antivirus, but that's not the case with antivirus vendors. In fact no antivirus has a 100% detection rate (I say it's impossible to achieve). To be able to cure an infection or to prevent a virus attack, the antivirus has to have that virus definition with it. The antivirus can be effective only when the detection rate is higher, the higher the detection rate the higher the chance of preventing virus installation.

There are many antivirus testing labs around the globe. So let's take their help to see which antivirus provides the best protection against the former and also emerging antivirus. I suggest everyone to check these to services

1. VB100

2. AV-comparitives

These two are the antvirus testing agencies and have been there for a long time. They perform antivirus tests regularly and see how well each antivirus is performing. At present Avira, Kaspersky, NOD32... are having higher detection rates. To see how your antivirus has performed you can check here. To see the results of VB100 test you have to be registered. The registration is free, you can register here. So antivirus must have higher detection rate.

2. Light on System resources :

An antivirus has to make our computer experience more comfortable but shouldn't make a mess of our computers. Now-a-days the antivirus vendors are concentrating more on the style of the application but not the actual purpose. An antivirus has to eliminate threats. The look is not so important but the usability and protection is more important.

At present many antivirus are system hogs (not to mention their names it's going to be big list and more adding with their latest release). NOD32 is one such antivirus which lives on low system resources. So the second character of antivirus is it has to be light on system resources.

3. Very few false positives :

Not detecting is lot more better than giving a false positive. By this wrong information the user may lose some vital files. The best antivirus is that which doesn't give false positives. This cannot be possible, so you have to choose that one which gives very few false positives. VB100 gives information on false positives shown by an antivirus.

4. Compatibility with Safe Mode :

Antivirus has to work in safe mode. It has to be able to scan and remove threats in safe mode wether it is minimal or networking mode. Safe Mode is the ultimate solution for most of your virus problems. Many virus and spyware start themselves as processes when we start our system in normal mode. So even the Antivirus detects them it cannot remove them because their are presently under active state and cannot be ended. So for such virus and spyware safe mode is the only solution. In this safe mode antivirus will remove them perfectly. But the problem is only some antivirus products work in safe mode. For example, F-secure products wont work in safe mode. So you have to choose that antivirus which plays in safe mode.

5. Strong real time protection :

Almost every antivirus product is giving this Real time protection. This option will prevent any antivirus that's be installed. No problem here, since every antivirus product is offering real time protection but make sure this protection don't upset other applications. Choose that antivirus that has very less conflicts with others.

Before buying an antivirus or choosing among free you've to keep these in mind and you have to make your own protection suite (if you are going for free solution).

This is my opinion on the antivirus. You post your opinions on what qualities the antivirus must possess. You can also comment on this article if it is going to help you or not.

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